Car Rating Methodology


Purchasing a car is a long-term investment, with the expectation that the car will provide dependable transportation for the long haul.

To fulfill the promise, we review and star-rate every vehicle in our inventory based on 101 checkpoints which include star-rating for the Engine, Interior, Exterior, Underbody, Electrical, and others.

Moatamad inspection process for the cars in our stock?

Walk Around Inspection – From the used car’s paint condition to the condition of wiper blades and spare tire, our technicians also inspect the windshield, gas cap, locks, and remotes, door handles, jack and tools.

Under Hood Inspection – We check all the fluids for their condition and current level. Fluids include oil, coolant, transmission, brake, and power steering.

Road Test – From how the engine sounds cold to whether it idles well, our technicians also inspect gauges, warning lights, brake pedal, acceleration, transmission shift, vibration braking, tire vibration, alignment, cruise control, drivetrain noise, engine temperature, and how the engine sounds when it’s hot.

Interior Inspection – This goes beyond just checking to see how the interior looks. We also check power windows, door locks, mirrors, the glove box, and sun visor, sunroof, lighting, stereo, CD player, speakers, defroster, a/c and heater, headlights, brake lights, cup holders and seatbelts.

In Bay Inspection – Our technicians inspect the air filter, washer fluid, drive belt, cooling fans, fluid leaks, radiator cap, hoses, and more.

Battery & Charging System – We make sure the battery works and the cable ends are clean and tight.

Suspension & Steering – We look for any problems with the tie rod ends, ball joints, shocks, struts, steering linkage, rack and pinion, end links, and wheel/hub bearings.

Brakes/Wheels/Tires – All of these are scrutinized and tested to ensure they pass state inspection standards. We look for excessive wear and tear and uneven wearing.

Under Vehicle Inspection – We check for excessive rust in addition to inspecting the engine/transmission mounts, body mounts, frame, transmission lines, fuel, and brake lines, fluid leaks, floor pans, manifolds, pipe/hangers, muffler, and catalytic converter.

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Saves you money & gives you peace of mind through the Moatamad inspection process.

Provides you confidence and security that your vehicle is safe.

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